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Requirements for Equifax Identity Scan Service

Equifax Identity Scan “Identity Scan” is an on-line warning system containing information that can be used to detect possible or known identity theft and application fraud. Some of the information in the Identity Scan database is provided by credit grantors. If Client orders the Identity Scan service, then Client agrees to furnish for potential inclusion in Equifax’s Identify Scan system any data that Client knows to have been used in connection with a fraudulent transaction or attempted fraudulent transaction with Client. That data will include but not be limited to consumer names, aliases, Social Security numbers, addresses (current and former), employment (current and former) and telephone numbers (business and residential). Client grants Equifax permission to evaluate and include such data in Identity Scan and other identity/ fraud products if deemed appropriate by Equifax and permits Equifax to use such information to test effectiveness of fraud and identity products. Subscriber will not use an alert or warning message from the Identity Scan system in its decision-making process for denying credit but will use the message as an indication that the consumer’s application information should be independently verified prior to a credit decision. Client understands that the information supplied by Identity Scan may or may not apply to the consumer who has applied to Client for credit. Subscriber also understands and agrees that data from the Identity Scan system is proprietary to Equifax and shall not be used as a component of any database or file built or maintained by Client. The use of such data shall be limited to the specific transaction for which the Identity Scan alert message is provided.