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VantageScore Requirements

VantageScore - is a tri-bureau credit risk model developed using one algorithm across sample data common to all three credit bureaus. The following additional terms and conditions apply to Client’s receipt and use of VantageScore: Client will request VantageScores only for Client’s exclusive use. Client may store VantageScores solely for Client’s own use in furtherance of Client’s original purpose for obtaining the VantageScores. Client shall not use the VantageScores for model development or model calibration, except in compliance with the following conditions: (1) the VantageScores may only be used as an independent variable in custom models; (2) only the raw archived Score and Score segment identifier will be used in modeling (i.e. no other Score information including, but not limited to, adverse action reasons, documentation, or scorecards will be used); and (3) Client’s depersonalized analytics and/or depersonalized third party modeling analytics performed on behalf of Client, using VantageScores, will be kept confidential and not disclosed to any third party other than as expressly provided for below in subsections (ii), (iii), (iv), (v) and/or (vi) of this paragraph. Client shall not reverse engineer the Score. All VantageScores provided hereunder will be held in strict confidence and may never be sold, licensed, copied, reused, disclosed, reproduced, revealed or made accessible, in whole or in part, to any Person, except (i) to those employees, agents and independent contractors of Client with a need to know and in the course of their employment; (ii) to those third party processing agents and other contractors of Client who have executed an agreement that limits the use of the VantageScores by the third party only to the use permitted to Client and contains the prohibitions at least as restrictive as set forth herein regarding model development, model calibration, reverse engineering and confidentiality; (iii) when accompanied by the corresponding reason codes, to the consumer who is the subject of the VantageScore (provided that, accompanying reason codes are not required to the extent permitted by law); (iv)  to government regulatory agencies; (v) to ratings agencies, dealers, investors and other third parties for the purpose of evaluating assets or investments (e.g. securities) containing or based on obligations of the consumers to which the VantageScores apply (e.g. mortgages, student loans, auto loans, credit cards), provided that, as it relates to this subsection (v), (a) Client may disclose VantageScores only in aggregated formats (e.g. averages and comparative groupings) that do not reveal individual VantageScores, (b) Client shall not provide any information that would enable a recipient to identify the individuals to whom the VantageScores apply, and (c) Client shall enter into an agreement with each recipient that limits the use of the Score to evaluation of such assets or investments, or (vi) as required by law. Client agrees that the trademarks, trade names, product names, brands, logos, and service marks (“Vantage Marks”) for VantageScores and VantageScore credit scoring models will remain the sole property of VantageScore Solutions, LLC. Client obtains a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty free license to use and display the Vantage Marks in connection with the activities solely permitted by this Agreement. The use of the Vantage Marks under the preceding license is limited to use only in connection with the Services covered by this Agreement, and the Client expressly agrees not to use the Vantage Marks in connection with any products or services not covered by this Agreement. Any use of the Vantage Marks is subject to VantageScore Solutions, LLC’s prior written authorization. Client further agrees it will include the Vantage Marks in all advertising and marketing materials which reference the VantageScores or Vantage models and it will comply with the VantageScore Trademark Policy and Brand Guidelines, which may be changed from time to time upon written notice. All use of the Vantage Marks will accrue solely to the benefit of VantageScore Solutions, LLC.